Paint Correction service

Gloss Enhancer helps your car shine again!

Our paint correction service, which is also referred to as “gloss enhancer” is the service for you if your car is older and its paint has become scratchy and dull. Our multi-step process corrects blemishes and restores the paint’s shine, and can make your car look like it just rolled off the assembly line.

Paint correction service is a car detail and gloss enhancer in one.

Our paint correction service is a multi-step process. The condition of your car dictates how many steps are recommended. The gloss enhancer starts with an outside detail of your car to ensure the surfaces are clean from dirt and dust. After that we start the paint correction process.

Hand Wash
We wash your car by hand for best results and to protect the car’s paint.
Clay Bar Treatment
We use clay bars to decontaminate the paint and to remove oxidation and small imperfections that might be left behind after a wash.
Hand Dry
After washing the car, we dry it by hand using microfiber towels to remove all water stains.
Tape off trim and plastic panels
We cover the areas that are not subject to treatment to protect them from the chemicals.
Wheels & Tire Cleaned
We clean the wheels and tires to remove stains like break just and dirt. We also add sealer on the wheels to protect them from break dust and road grime.
Si02 Tire Dressing
We hand-apply a tire gel to give your tires a deep, black shine that lasts for several weeks.

Steps of our car paint correction service

Step 1

We use a heavy-cutting compound to remove deeper swirl marks and scratches 

Step 2

We apply a finer cutting polish to remove further swirl marks 

Step 3

We apply a finishing polish to refine the paint to a swirl, mark and hologram-free finish

Gloss enhancer cost

The price of the paint correction service depends on the size of the car and the number of steps required to achieve your desired results. Please send us a message to get a quote.


Starts at $550


Starts at $800


Starts at $1,200


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