Car detailing service in Montgomery County, MD

At Grace’s, we understand that your vehicle is an integral part of your life from the everyday commute to the memorable road trips. But life can sometimes take a toll on our cars, leaving them in need of a little extra care.

Our thorough car detailing service restores your car’s beauty inside and out. As a mobile detailing service, we come to you, saving you time and effort. After our experts are done removing the traces of life’s messes, you’ll fall in love with your car again.

Car detailing service fees

Small/medium cars


Large cars & SUVs


Extra large SUVs & Minivans


Steps of our car detailing service

Hand Wash
We wash your car by hand for best results and to protect the car’s paint.
Bug & Tar Removal
We inspect the car for tough stains and treat them if necessary.
Clay Bar Treatment
We use clay bars to remove oxidation and small imperfections that might be left behind after a wash.
Hand Dry
After washing the car, we dry it by hand using microfiber towels to remove all water stains.
We use a spray-on paint sealant that will maintain your car’s shine for 4-8 months.
Wheels & Tire Cleaned
We clean the wheels and tires to remove stains like break just and dirt. We also add sealer on the wheels to protect them from break dust and road grime.
Tire Dressing
We hand-apply a tire gel to give your tires a deep, black shine that lasts for several weeks.
Extensive Interior Vacuum Cleaning
We empty your car and vacuum it thoroughly, including under the seats and the trunk area.
Clean Between Cracks & Crevices
We remove debris and dirt build-up, so bye-bye old french fries.
Dust Off Vents and Headliner
We clean your A/C vents to remove dust build-up.
Clean Dash, Console, and Door Panels
We clean your car’s interior thoroughly including all storage areas.
Interior Plastic & Vinyl Protected
We apply a conditioner to protect your car’s interior from UV rays and to repel dirt.
Leather Seats Shampoo’d & Conditioned
Using a leather cleaner to deep-clean your leather seats to remove dust, dirt, and stains. We finish the job with a conditioner that can make your seats look like new!
Steam Clean Door Jambs
We apply an all-purpose cleaner to loosen the dark grime that often gets built up in the door jambs and use a steam cleaner to remove it thoroughly. No more dust stains on your pant legs!
Clean Windows Inside & Out
Clean car means clean windows! This will improve visibility and reduce fogging on humid days.
Complimentary Air Fresheners Choices: Vicious Vanilla, Lemon, Jasmine
We add an air freshener to complete the new-car smell.