About Grace’s Mobile Car Spa

Our leading idea is that having a clean car is an everyday luxury everyone should be able to afford. That is why our motto is “affordable prices and services for all.”

We know your time is precious, so we bring the service to you and work while you do other things, whether it’s working, running errands, or spending time with family.

What to expect when you get your car cleaned

With the pandemic going on, we want to do our part to keep ourselves
and you safe and healthy. Here is our current process for car washes and
detail jobs. For more information, please check our FAQs page

We’ll come to you and text you our ETA, so you know exactly when we’ll be showing up.
Once we arrive, we’ll send you another text from our vehicle to let you know we’re there.
We’ll introduce ourselves and go over the services we offer, so you know just what to expect.
We get set up. Because our services are water-based we’ll need access to a garden hose if you have one. But if you don’t, fear not — we brought our own!
You relax or go about your day while we treat your vehicle with respect and give it the thorough cleaning it deserves. We’ll let you know when we’re finished.
We take payment, unless you’ve prepaid.
All done!

Products That Are Good For Your Car And The Environment

Your car goes through a lot, so a lot is also asked of the cleaning products to get your car clean. Many car chemicals may do the job, but are harsh on people, the environment, and even your car. To be responsible, we use 3D Car Care products exclusively; They’re eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and are the industry leader in high-quality car care products. They have the largest selection of car care chemicals on the market, and they’re safe to be and work around, with no dangerous irritants. So you can feel good about that new car smell!

About Our Founder Gabriel

Gabriel Villalobos is a Washington Area native who currently lives in Chevy Chase. Gabriel grew up around cars and car lovers. He vividly remembers his dad telling him about the muscle cars he had and drove as a young man. But it was particularly his late aunt Grace, who loved to have her car cleaned, that gave him the spark to get involved in car detailing. So when Gabriel made his lifelong dream of running a business come true by opening Grace’s Mobile Car Spa in 2018, he named the company in honor of her.

The first car cleaned by Grace’s Mobile Car Spa was a Jaguar XJ. Since then, Gabriel has cleaned everything from Fords and Ferraris to Toyotas and Teslas. Because you deserve to have a clean car without breaking the bank. We look forward to cleaning your car!

In Memoriam

Grace V. Campos ( 1972-2018 )

Our beloved Grace, who is the namesake and the inspiration for Grace’s mobile car & spa.